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  • What are the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 (GGGDL2023)?

    The Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 is the world’s largest and most important LGBTIQ+ sporting and cultural event. From November 3rd to November 11th of 2023 the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico will host this event; being the first time in history to be taking place at a Latin American city and also the first time for the headquarters to be shared with another city, in this occasion it’ll be with Hong Kong.

    As it happens every four years, there will be multiple sports, artistic and cultural events as well as an opening and a closing ceremony organized by and for the LGBTIQ+ community and allies.

    All are welcome to participate and enjoy this great event regardless of nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

  • Do I need to be a part of the LGBTIQ+ community in order to participate?

    No, at this event all are welcome.
    The Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 has the goal of showing how the universal sport values such as braveness, dare, passion, courage, resilience, respect, equality, diversity and teamwork -among others- contribute to tearing down any social and cultural barrier, help us to overcome the differences based on prejudices, stigma and stereotypes, stimulate the union between people as well as the building of a sense of community and generates support networks.

    Therefore, the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 invites all allies to be a part of this amazing event.

  • Do I need to be a high performance athlete to be able to participate?

    No. Even when the Gay Games is a sporting event, it is also a recreational event and the tests are not qualifying for sporting events of a professional nature, therefore anyone who chooses to do so is welcome to participate.

  • What is the required age to participate?

    The required age to be allowed to participate in Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 is 18+ years old (at the start of the Games in November 3rd, 2023).

  • When will registrations be open?

    Starting October 8th of 2022 registrations will be open on our official website: through September 20th of 2023. We recommend you register as soon as possible to ensure your participation.

  • What is the registration fee for the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023?

    - The registration fee for the general public is $200 USD* (this fee doesn’t include participation in competitive sporting events)
    - The registration fee for the general public of mexican nationality is of $100 USD* thanks to the “Mexa Scholarship” that offers a 50% discount (this fee doesn’t include participation in competitive sporting events). People planning on selecting this option must have the Unique Population Registration Code “CURP” at the moment of registration.
    - The fees to participate in competitive sporting events are specified on our website under the “Sporting events” section (the cost varies depending on the sporting event in which you want to participate).
    *The fees will be according to the exchange rate of the US dollar at the time of registration (the fees will vary depending on each country’s conversion).

  • Is there any fee if I just want to attend sporting events as a spectator?

    No, access is completely free except for the Pink Flamingo™ Gala and the sports dance which will have an access fee.

  • Which is the registration process for the teams that will compete in Gay Games Guadalajara 2023? Is it possible to do just one registration process for all the members of a team?

    No, the registration must be done by each member individually.

  • What does the cost of registration for participants include?

    The registration fee makes is possible to organize the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 and it includes:
    - Access to the opening ceremony. - Access to the closing ceremony. - Access to all venues where both the competitive and exhibition sporting events will take place except for the Pink Flamingo™ Gala and the Dance Sports which will have an additional entrance fee. - Access to the Fan Fest.- A Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 commemorative medal. - Perks in some public transportation routes using the “Mi Movilidad” card. More information will be announced soon.
    This fee of registration for participants does not include registration for sporting events in competition. To know this information please go to our website in the "Sporting Events" section (the fee varies depending on the sporting event in which you want to participate).
    * People who besides covering the general public fee also register in any of the competitive sporting events will receive a Welcome Kit.

  • Do I need to prove my gender in order to participate in any competitive sporting event?

    The Gay Games Federation and the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 Organizing Committee acknowledge that many sports competitions are still within the traditional binary categories: men and women, being this an obstacle for everyone’s inclusion. This is why, in tune with our values and principles, we have developed an inclusion policy which aims for the equality and optimal inclusion of all orientations, identities and gender expressions at both the competitive and the exhibition sporting events. We are also working to build safe and fair spaces for everyone.

    The categories for the competitive sporting events at the GGGDL2023 will be:

    - Men
    - Women
    - Mixed (available for some of the competitive sporting events. For more information please visit our official website: under each sport’s section)

    Participants will be able to register in any categories they choose according to each individual’s self-perceived and identified gender identity.

    Non-binary people will be able to register to some of the above mentioned categories.

  • I would like to be a volunteer for the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023. What should I do?

    Send us an e-mail to gro.3202ldggg%40aloh adding in the subject area “ Volunteer Gay Games Guadalajara 2023”. Please let us know briefly your interests and the area(s) in which you would like to collaborate. We’ll reach out back to you.

    We truly appreciate your interest!

  • Is there a preferential rate to stay at hotels to attend the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023?

    Yes, we are building alliances with different hotels and collaborators to offer our participants exclusive benefits during their stay in Guadalajara. We will announce these very soon.

  • What sporting events will be at the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023?

    There will be 20 competitive sporting events: diving, swimming, waterpolo, 5k & 10k race, marathon and half marathon, athletics, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, bowling, cheerleading, dance sports, golf, soccer 11, soccer 7, softball, tennis, volleyball, wrestling and powerlifting.

    1 Pink Flamingo™ Gala and,

    3 Exhibition sports (mexican wrestling, rugby 7 and urban skate)

  • What’s the cultural and artistic program offered at the Gay Games Guadalajara 2023?

    The arts & culture festival at GGGDL2023 will display an exhibition of LGBTIQ+ creativity never shown in Mexico before. Throughout nine days we will be honored with the presence of local, national and international talent as well as big surprises during the opening and closing ceremonies.

    We will be sharing more information soon on our official platforms.

  • What are the venues where the competitive sporting events will be held?

    Our team is working on logistics to ensure we have the best places for each and one of the sports joustings. The confirmed venues are the following:

    Polideportivo Revolución, Polideportivo Paradero, Polideportivo Metropolitano, Polideportivo López Mateos, Polideportivo Ávila Camacho, Polideportivo Alcalde II y Polideportivo Alcalde.

    *The marathon and ½ marathon as well as the 5k & 10k races will be celebrated on the city’s streets.
    *For more information about where each of the sporting events will be held, we suggest you to visit our official website:

  • Is Guadalajara an LGBTIQ+ friendly city to visit?

    Guadalajara is one of the main LGBTIQ+ friendly places in Mexico and in the world and so is Puerto Vallarta, our “Official After Destination '', being one of the LGBTIQ+ community’s favorite international destinations due to its weather, vibrant energy and recreational scene.

    Guadalajara is also home of the second largest LGBTIQ+ Pride March in Mexico attracting thousands of people due to its great cultural offer, artistic, social and diverse events that throughout the year give visibility and foster spaces open for reflection and building of an inclusive culture of equality and no-discrimination such as Prohibido Festival, Androgina Festival, Maguey Prize, among others.

    In the public policy area there has been strong focus on improving the quality of life for the LGBTIQ+ populations in Guadalajara as well as in the rest of the Jalisco State. Same-sex marriage and transgender identities (including teenagers and children) are recognized, the so-called “convertion therapies” are prohibited and sanctioned, and Sexual Diversity Offices have been created within the State Human Rights Prosecutor's Office and in several of the municipalities that are part of the Guadalajara’s Metropolitan Area as well as the interior of State of Jalisco.